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Who Can Join?

All boys and girls entering the Third Grade or older may be an Altar Server. Please notify the Rectory Office of your Mass preferences in which you would like to serve. Altar Serving Training for new servers is planned as needed.

Altar Server Guidelines

Entrance Procession

First the Cross Bearer, then the Server(s), and then the Lector carrying the Book of Gospels, and then the Priest Celebrant.

The Cross Bearer walks into the sanctuary, waits in front of the Altar until the Priest genuflects, then goes to place the cross on the stand. When carrying something, (cross, candles, censor) you do not genuflect.

Altar Server(s) stand in front of the Altar, leaving the center spot open for the Priest and the Lector.

The Priest and the Altar Servers genuflect and then the Altar Server(s) go stand at their seats. If carrying candles you do not genuflect; place the candles on the new candle stands, which will be on both sides of the altar.

The Priest venerates the Altar, then goes and stands at the presider’s chair.

Penance Rite


Opening Prayer

The Altar Server holds the book with the opening prayer for the Priest Celebrant. (Hold the book still. Moving around makes it hard to read the words.)

Readings – Gospel – Creed – Intercessions

At the Vigil Mass and the 9:30 A.M. Mass the Priest Celebrant will process with the Book of Gospels from the Altar to the ambo. When this takes place the Altar Servers will accompany the Priest Celebrant with the candles and stand on both sides of the ambo while the Gospel is being proclaimed.

Preparing the Altar

Place the following on the Altar, Corporal in the center with the main Chalice and Purificator, Sacramentary to the left of the Corporal, at the 9:30 A.M. Mass place two Chalices on the right side of the main Chalice with two Purificators beside them.


Receive the gifts of bread, wine and the offering basket at the bottom of the steps. Everyone leaves at the same time.

Bring the bread to the Priest Celebrant at the Altar.

If you received the wine cruet at the offertory, go to the Credence Table, remove the cover and then both Altar Servers come to the Altar, one bringing the cruet of wine, the other bringing the cruet of water with the cover removed.

Next is the washing of hands, with the bowl, water and towel.

Eucharistic Prayer

After the washing of the hands, Altar Servers go to the side steps of the Altar and kneel to ring the bells during the elevation.

Our Father


When the Priest Celebrant returns from giving Holy Communion, bring the cruet of water to purify the vessels, then everything on the Altar is brought back to the Credence Table.

Closing Prayer

Hold the book with the closing prayer for the Priest Celebrant.

Procession Out

The Cross Bearer goes to the foot of the steps in front of the Altar and faces the Altar.

The Altar Server(s) go and stand in front of the Altar, leaving a space in the middle for the Priest.

All who are in front of the Altar genuflect, unless you are carrying something, in which case you do not genuflect, and then we process out in the same way we entered.

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